We had an awesome adventure the Summer!

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Living out in the middle of the Pacific ocean has it’s advantages,

clean air, clear skies and on Maui a 10,000 foot volcano offer never-ending opportunities.

A photographer by the name of  Wally Pacholka inspired me to give it a go a couple years ago.

Click here to see those shots.  

I’ve been hooked ever sense. Moon shots, night sugar can burns, planetary events and of coarse starry nights.

But none have generated the response this shot of the Milky Way over the top of  Haleakala.

I’ve been getting asked quite a bit about the recent Milky Way shot:

Is this for real? How did you do this? Is this Photoshopped? Is it HDR? Did you use fill lighting? And what were the settings?

Here are the stats… Canon 7D, 16mm fish-eye, 30s, 2.8, iso 1600 – a couple seconds of my headlamp for the foreground,

a couple second with a spot light on the building. Camera on the ground (on wadded up surf trunks to be exact – forgot my sandbag :)

2s timer – Processed in Camera Raw 7.0 CS6 – Here is a screen shot of bridge showing the default raw file and the finished jpg.

Screen shot in bridge. Here you can see the raw file and the edited jpg, also some of the other takes that evening.

Let me know if this is helpful…

Thanks for all the all  likes, shares, comments and interest in this picture on FB.

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12×18 Aluminum Print with a Natural Edge Koa and Mango Frame

Custom prints and frames are available.



Aloha, this will be an ongoing blog around the building of a new Koa Surfboard. (scroll to bottom to see the process:)

Here we are 3 month after the Koa was picked out to the finish Surfboard :)

Amazing wood, wow, I love Koa!!!

10’3″ Curly Maui Koa Hot Curl Surfboard

This pix shows both sides of the same board :)

This one sold recently at the Native Intelligence Gallery in Wailuku.


Update: June 22, 2011

The board has been blessed with salt water!

So much fun – we will do it again!!!


So much fun – we will do it again!!!


Update: June 15, 2011

This quote inspired me to make my 1st wood board.

I have an inner struggle with how “perfect” to make um, then I remember these words and stop when it feels good!


Update: June 13, 2011

Rough shaping done…


June 2011


<<<<  This one sold recently at the Native Intelligence Gallery in Wailuku.


This meant a new one was in order.

Finding Koa the size and quality for a 10 foot surfboard is not easy or inexpensive.

A couple years ago I helped cut some massive slabs at our local mill on Maui.

So, I went to see if they were ready for use. ( It takes year or two for the wood to air dry after milling.)

Sure enough it was ready to go and after searching through a  few slabs, I found the one that would produce the board I wanted.

Roughly 11 feet by 24 inches of shimmering curly Koa from high on the  side of  Haleakala, east of the park.

Back at home, I hand planed the rough cut sides to reveal the amazing grain and shimmering curl.

A  Hot Curl template was selected and rough fitted to the piece of wood.

It will yielded a 10’+, by 19″  wide, around 2″ thick!

More to come….



Maui has seen one of the best winter surf seasons in a long time.
Peahi (Jaws) has had some great days!
Below are the links to the full galleries of each.

Paige Alms A little bit of history made on this one!

Paige Alms
A little bit of history made on this one!


Peahi 1/22/15

Peahi 1/21/15

Peahi 1/21/15

Peahi 12/22/14

Peahi 12/22/14



Peahi 12/9/14

Peahi 12/9/14

The journey is what it’s all about… The decision of where to go…

The views along the way… the clouds, so cool…

Moonrise at sunset on the rim of Haleakala crater… chased by clouds higher up mountain…

Yeah, the experience…

10000 ft, can almost touch the moon… chased out again by high winds and fog /sleet…

Down the mountain, looking for holes in the sky to shoot the remainder of the eclipse…

Yep, it’s all about the journey!


Sunset from Haleakala…


Sunset  reflection at moon rise from Haleakala…

041414_5143 eclipse-W

6 hour, or so,  composite :)

This year, with the help of a lot of you on FaceBook, the task of selecting the photos for the 2015 calendar was somewhat easier.

Thanks for the passion you have for my work and your willingness to help.

Here are the ones that made the cut, sorry if your fav didn’t make it, just could not fit them all in.

I have also left last years up, as YOU PICK the start date, they are always current, and many of the ones that did not get in this one were in them.

Click here or on the picture to go to the order website.


When ordering be sure to pick the correct start month.

Look for CafePress discounts, as they quite often have them.

Economy shipping is REALLY slow to Hawaii, just saying…

Click here or on the picture to go to the order website.


Click here or on the picture to go to the order website.


When ordering be sure to pick the correct start month.

Look for CafePress discounts, as they quite often have them.

Economy shipping is REALLY slow to Hawaii, just saying…

Click here or on the picture to go to the order website.

Mahalo for your support :)



This past month was great for people shoots.

  • I had the honor of shooting Jessica and Dan’s wedding.

Three location, ( Iao Needle, Bailey House and Sarento’s on the Beach) in one afternoon, jungle, historical, rainbow and sunset.

What a great day!

  • I joined the Maui SmugMug Pro Meet-up for a “shoot out”…. What a great surprise, beautiful setting with awesome models :) and 25+ photogs from around the island.

  • These were wonderful shoots with great people – Thanks – I look forward to the next opportunities :)

Aloha, Mike

  • To check availability for your special event E-mail or call 808-344-0625


Francisco Porcella

Francisco Porcella

Well, after all these years of taking pictures of Peahi (Jaws), I finally got out on the water to shoot from a jet ski. It’s not that I haven’t had the opportunity, I just hadn’t taken any of them for many reasons, like not have a working water housing, not wanting to miss getting land shots, not healthy enough, on and on… So what changed? I got healthy, had a friend do it without a housing, and had a persistent driver who would not take no for an answer. 

Yep, my FaceBook friend Loren Eib messaged me over and over saying he wanted to get me out on the water!

Maliko Gulch Moonset

Maliko Gulch Moonset


Sunrise set Maliko

   In January we had a solid week of XXL size swells coming’ I picked the second swell, smallest of the week, to give it a go. Loren was excited, maybe more than I was, and kept saying, “can’t wait to see what you get out there.” No pressure :)

So we met for the first time IRL at Maliko Gulch to launch the jet ski. We hit it off right away as we loaded up our stuff and hooked the trailer to my 4×4 truck. Loren got on the ski and I backed him into the water, and off he went. After parking the truck, I waded out to the ski and out the channel we went! 20′ face waves lined the channel as we left the rivermouth, game on! Now I’m excited…

The short ride up the coast was beautiful, the ocean had a calm glassy surface with big surf crashing on the rocky shoreline. Loren gave me some emergency instructions, something like this… “If I get knocked off… it could happen,  here’s the extra kill switch key, stick it in here, start here and  go…  got it?” As we approached Peahi bay I could see boats and skis and the lineup was already full of surfers. Loren took us straight into the mix to have a look. I was in awe of how close to the surf everyone was, as we saw our first wave, 20’+ up close and personal! Now I am very excited!


Up close and personal!


Zak Noyle showin’ how it’s done. (note: real housing)

We moved a little way into the channel as I unstrapped the Pelican case, opened it and pulled out my camera. I had prepared my Canon 70d with a 100-300L in a dry bag setup to keep the spray off. As we went back into the lineup, I could see many of my favorite pro photographers, ALL with real water housings… But I forgot all that when the first real set came through, 30’+ glassy, light offshore and hollow! Now, I’m frothing excited!

     For the next few hours we buzzed in and out of the lineup, constantly moving, dodging rouge west peaks and shooting some of the best tube riding and surfing in Peahi history. I felt right at home, I love riding big waves and it made me wish I was 30 again :)

THANK you! Loren, for being such a great driver and getting me out there.

Mahalo to all the surfers who put on quite a show!


Billy Kemper in a monster barrel!

The gallery below is some 688 images from the shoot in chronological order.

E-mail me for prints and rates.


 Ahhh, and the day ended with this :)

God is Good!

God is Good!




Here are my favorites of the last few months.

Adolescent I'iwi on a Lobelia Grayana, rare indeed!

Adolescent I’iwi on a Lobelia Grayana, rare indeed!


Haleakala Silverswords and the Milky Way - now showing at the top of da rock...

Haleakala Silverswords and the Milky Way – now showing at the top of da rock…



Haleakala Sunset – to the east 8/2/13 (15 shot hdr pano)

Kalapana lava flow - HDR composite...

Kalapana lava flow – HDR composite…



Halemaumau Crater



Maui by Air!



Sugar Cane Burn


Thompson Road Sunset



Supermoon set @ sunrise



Sunset on Haleakala Summit



Makena Sunset



Off the Deck Sunset






Flossie Sunset/Lightning

Haleakala Sunsise